Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Best Advice you will ever get

  1. Don’t ever apologize for being you. People will always find things that are wrong with you. It’s up to you to either go into victim mode or be confident and true to who you are. You can’t please everybody, focus on those who love you and accept you fully, flaws and all. You’re perfect […]

Fight for your Life.

Do you ever feel like other people are always letting you down? And that you’re surrounded by idiots? Even worse, that nobody will be honest with you? It’s probably because you’re overly sensitive and they are afraid to be themselves around you because they are worried that you’ll fly off the handle and have a […]

The yearning desire of a prostitute.

Love. Happiness. Family. These were the words she whispered over and over Words which were more than just words to her Instead it was a desire A yearning A dream that will never be made reality She stared into her faded blue eyes And longed for the days they were ocean blue She ran her […]